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Today is Thanksgiving Day. Is mom and dad with tea to drink before, if it is me tea are mom and dad told me to go to blunt I didnt go to rush.

This evening, have a meal, I eat a little faster. Ha! Ha! Finished! I will take the advantage of mom and dad to eat a little time to tea. Grandma said: ah, dong jun what are you doing? Grandma said I wa现在很多机构都说自己是情景式教学法,www.gaojiguanjia.c.o..m但是家长们对于这种教学方面比不了解。s panic! Because I was afraid of mom and dad heard to grandma said: ah, dong jun what are you doing? This sentence will came running to see mom and dad. Then, I quietly and worried of say: dont speak at all. I cant finish homework! Tea is very simple, the method: first put a little tea in the cup, then add hot water. The tea was finished, rush after good tea, Ill put the tea into the room of mom and dad said: mom and dad, happy Thanksgiving!




dear wangyan,
i enjoyed your hospitality during my three-day stay in tianjin.
your new house is very beautiful,and your cooking is out of the world .
your sister,wangdan,is very kind-hearted.
not only did she help us wash clothes,but also helped make the bed.
the trip was great getting together with you two once again.
dont forget the invitation to pop in on me the next time youre in beijing.
thanks again.
and say hello to your sister.
all my best,

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